The very popular and long running King Billy Quiz, hosted on the last Sunday of every month. All new teams are welcome, we try to max the teams of about 10 people just to keep it fair for everyone involved. It’s free to take part and a case of beer is given to the winning team for all there hard work. Always recommend to call and let us know if you want to come down as we are very busy and sometimes it is a struggle to even get a chair.


Congratulations to last years winners Billy No Mates. It came down to the last month with 4 teams that could win the trophy. A special mention to ‘I’m Spartacus’ ‘Out On A Limb’ ‘Titanic Deckchair Attendants’ ‘David Niven’s Fridge’ & ‘The Lightbulb’s’ who all put up a great fight and was here every week to Support the Quiz. 


We love to see new faces so get a team together think of a team name and we will see you for the new league starting on the 27th of January.


Good Luck 





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