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Employee of the Month


Summer is well and truly here and the garden is fully in bloom along with the Children’s play area and bouncy castle in full use! 


A few of our regular staff are back for the summer holidays before they head back to University but in contention for 

Summer Staff Member of The Month are – Jacob ( our new Head Chef ), Laura, Charlotte F and Charlie!



The Boss, The man who runs the show and keeps everyone in line. Now into his 15th year running The Billy, he has so much love for the village and everyone in it, almost as much as he loves his fosters.


Fantastic relationships with all of the customers whether it is the golf society or the Bridge group he makes sure everyone feels welcome when coming in. 


 Mark F 

The latest Supervisor in the team, working the bar as well as creating the new website, updating our media pages and always thinking of new ideas and events to plan. Keeps the more youthful customers happy and helps any party get started over the weekends.


Our events and sports guy will always be looking to plan out a fantastic day/night of entertainment for all to enjoy. 



Brad F

The foundation of the pub, it would be like a plane without a pilot if Lex wasn’t around. Known to all the customers Horsley runs through Lex’s blood and she loves every customer as if they were family to her. There is a reason that our Wi-Fi password is lexyisthebest. 




Lex H



The youngster of the group, but she will still ensure you have a wonderful time.

Chatty, bubbly and confident Thalia has learnt the role very quickly after following her sister’s footsteps working here.


Thalia N 

Emily is a crucial member of staff, multiskilled in all departments, always smiling and willing to help. A great artist too.



Yasmin is learning very quickly, one of the newer, younger members of staff, sweet bubbly and chatty are some of the fantastic qualities that she brings to the job, always smiling and happy she is learning the trade for the first time and is picking it up very fast. 


We look forward to Yasmin continuing to learn all aspects of the hospitality industry to become a highly trained member of the King Billy team.


Yasmin T


Jacob, our new Head Chef, is a very friendly, calm, and inspiring Chef that everyone enjoys working with. Just in time to create our current Autumn and Christmas Menus. If you see him please grab him and say hello




Our Friday night and Sunday day trouper, you will find Kate working during our busiest times and helping ‘Billy No Mates’ on our monthly quiz night. Also our very own artist, any of the signs and sketches you see around the pub will most likely be because of Kate. 



Kate E 

Learning all the aspects of the pub, Laura can now be seen behind the bar as well as in the restaurant working away to make your experience here as special as possible. 


A fantastic attitude to working and to support her place of work, coming in to see what it’s 

like on the other side of the bar on many occasions throughout.



Laura M 

Our very own Billy Idol you’ll spot him from a mile away and soon hear him on the radio, one of our newer younger members but has taken to the job brilliantly. Working brilliantly on Saturdays and loves to help out on our private events to help out to provide a quality service.



Charlie L 

Another younger member of staff, Charlotte is learning the role very well, working her Friday night shift to make sure that everyone’s weekend gets of to a great start. Shy outside of work but comes alive when she gets to work.


Charlotte F 




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